We changed our insurance to deliver at St. Mark’s because I know the staff and how capable they are. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

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As a labor and delivery nurse, Meredith had the chance to work with amazing OB/GYNs across the Salt Lake Valley. But of all providers she encountered in her work, she chose Dr. Kevin Jensen and St. Mark’s OBGYN. Many hours watching Dr. Jensen interact with his patients and handle difficult situations gave her the confidence she needed to trust him with the delivery of her first baby.

Meet Meredith’s Doctor: Kevin Jensen, MD

Dr. Kevin Jensen is driven by the hope of helping provide healing and reassurance to people by listening and addressing their concerns in a way that helps them understand treatments and options. He loves learning from his patients and views them both as amazing teachers and partners in the healing process.

Dr. Jensen speaks Spanish and is available to help patients of all nationalities.

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